Video Films
Programme Notes

Classic Car Show – 2018            ( 7½ minutes )
It was bright and sunny on Sunday 8th July in 2018 when Market Harborough’s town centre was taken over again by the Classic Car Show.  Brilliant weather enabled the cars and motorcycles to be shown to their very best.  It also provided ideal conditions to film both the vehicles and their enthusiastic owners.
Filmed and produced by Colin Sullivan.
Location sound – Peter Wilford

Armistice Day 2018   -  A Centenary Commemoration    ( 11½ minutes )
Armistice Day on Sunday 11th November 2018 marked one hundred years from the end of the Great War. The importance of the event encouraged large crowds to line the streets to see the parade and provided an opportunity for us to record on film this momentous day for posterity.
Filmed by a team of six members of ‘Movie Makers’.
Produced by Colin Sullivan
Narrated by The Revd. John Morley   -  President of the Market Harborough Branch of the Royal British Legion

The Cottage Hospital History (30 minutes)

The Hospital that Harborough Built.         
This film tells the history of the town's cottage hospital from when it was opened in 1910 to the year it finally closed in 2017.   The film has been over a year in the making, with research and archive material brought alive by contributions from past hospital staff and patients

The Langton Brewery (17 minutes)

This film describes the brewing of beer at the Langton Brewery. To follow the entire process we travelled to Worcestershire to film hop picking and processing and to Suffolk for the malting of the barley.

About the Movie Makers ( 6 minutes )
A Compilation of Extracts from Members' Films   
Short extracts from some members' personal films illustrating various subjects from events in their lives (holidays, recreation and travel) which can make interesting subjects for family films.
We hope that it will encourage others to use their modern film making devices - mobile phones, tablets and cameras - and transform their "footage" into interesting films.
Narrated by Hilary Hearnshaw   
Compiled and edited by Colin Sullivan

Welland Valley Vineyard        ( 23 minutes )
A year in the life of this local vineyard located near East Farndon.  Starting with the winter pruning of the vines, the film continues through to the grape harvesting in the autumn, the pressing, fermentation and finally bottling and labelling before going on sale at local outlets.
The annual Mercian Vineyard Association's wine tasting competition, which includes vineyards from Northampton in the south to Yorkshire in the north, is featured and the Chairman of the judging panel explains the judging process to us.
Narrated by Len Holden
Filmed by Colin Sullivan with additional film by Jim Tyson
Location sound by Peter Wilford
Produced by Colin Sullivan

The Cinemas Of Market Harborough     ( 19 minutes )
The history of the three 'full time' old cinemas - the County - Oriental  - and Ritz - is traced from 1901 to 1978 when the Ritz finally closed.   The film also looks at what happened to the cinema buildings after they closed, and the failed project to bring a new 'mobile' cinema to the town.
Narrated by Brian Johnson
Filmed by Peter Wilford and Roy Rippin.
Produced by Peter Wilford       

The Leicestershire County Agricultural Show - 2016       ( 6½ minutes )
A short 'Newsreel' item covering the "resurrected" County Show which was held in August 2016 at the new Market Harborough Show Ground off Leicester Road.
Narrated by Colin Sullivan
Filmed by Peter Wilford and Olly Quinn
Edited by Peter Wilford   

Market Harborough Rotary Club's 2016 Swimarathon        ( 9 minutes )
The Swimarathon, held annually, was the first one we had been invited to film. Participants from organisations and groups from across the town take part and they raise money which the Rotary Club distributes to many deserving local causes. Filmed over two days, we hope we have captured the atmosphere of the event and the enjoyment of the participants.   
Filmed by Colin Sullivan and Mike Beech.
Location sound by Peter Wilford      -       Produced by Colin Sullivan

The River Welland Restoration                ( 2015  -  18 minutes )
Starting in late 2014 and continuing until the summer of 2015, the River Welland was the scene of much work being carried out by the 'Welland Rivers Trust'.  Their aim was to improve the flow and appearance of the River through Welland Park and into the town.  With the help of Dr. David Harper of the Welland Rivers Trust, we were able to put onto film the reason for the work, the work itself, and the final results.
Filmed by Colin Sullivan and Ralph Holderness
Produced by Colin Sullivan

Harborough by the Sea  -  2015                    ( 10 minutes )
This very popular annual event was held in August over a full five days and we were asked to film it.
Blessed with good weather, the event was a great success and the film reflects the immense fun enjoyed by children and adults alike.   
Filmed by Colin Sullivan and Colin Sole
Location sound by Peter Wilford   -   Edited by Colin Sullivan

The Walker Funeral                    ( 2015  -  10 minutes )
This is the first time we have ever been asked to film a funeral, but David Walker, a founder member of the Welland Valley Vintage Traction Club, was to have a funeral cortege that the family (and ourselves) thought needed to be recorded on film. A steam roller, tractors, trailers and a vintage bus all caused traffic chaos as the cortege made its way to the Congregational Church, and we had seven cameras to record it. 
Filmed by Colin Sullivan, Ralph and Marilyn Holderness, Mike Beech, Bob Harris, Peter Wilford and Colin Sole.
Produced by Colin Sullivan

The Old Grammar School  -   The 2014 Refurbishment       ( 23 minutes )    
We were allowed to film the repair and refurbishment process inside the plastic cocoon that enveloped the Old Grammar School for most of 2014. Aided by Jim Jacobs of 'The Market Harborough and The Bowdens Charity', and with the cooperation of the main contractor W. W. Brown and Sons, and their sub-contractors, we have been able to make a valuable record of the work undertaken by a very skilled local workforce.
Filmed by Colin Sullivan with location sound and additional filming by Peter Wilford.
Produced and edited by Colin Sullivan

The Christmas Fayre                    ( 2014  -  10 minutes )
Harborough's traditional Late Night Shopping was cancelled in late September and with a new committee 'The Christmas Fayre' was created in just eight weeks. We recorded it and hope that this film goes some way towards showing what a great night it was. 
Filmed by a team of six cameramen and edited by Colin Sullivan

Arts Fresco 2014                        ( 2014  -  13 minutes )
This film captures all the fun and entertainment that we now expect from the very popular Arts Fresco day in the town.  Top quality acts from all over the world, a beautiful summer's day and large crowds, made this, one of the best we have filmed.
Presented by Nina Thomas
Filmed by a team of five cameramen and edited by Colin Sullivan

WW1 Commemorative Pageant  -  2014        ( 2014 -  24 minutes )
Market Harborough had its own event commemorating the start of The First World War. Written by Len Holden and performed on The Square, it was an interesting and moving
re-enactment of real events. 
Filmed by Bob Harris, Ralph Holderness, Colin Sullivan and David Wilford.

The Octagon Cinema Screen                ( 2014 -  6 minutes )
See how they managed to get a new five metre wide screen into Harborough Theatre to improve the viewing experience.
Filmed by Ralph Holderness, Colin Sullivan and Bob Harris
Edited by Colin Sullivan

Harborough Theatre                    ( 2013/14  -  35 minutes )
This film takes us behind the scenes at the Harborough Theatre and follows the preparations for the productions staged during 2013.   In its eightieth anniversary year we tell the story of the Market Harborough Drama Society from its formation in 1933 to the present day and also highlight many of the other organisations which today use the Theatre building.
Presented by Nick Lewis
Filmed and produced by Colin Sullivan - with additional filming by Ralph Holderness.

The Hammond Arboretum Story      ( 2014/15  -  21 minutes )
This film tells the story of the Hammond Arboretum.  Situated behind the Robert Smyth Academy on Burnmill Road, it was created by a former Headmaster, Francis Hammond, who started planting the trees in 1911.  Its continued existence and development is the theme of this interesting story.
Presented by George Marshall
Filmed by Colin Sullivan, Ralph Holderness and Bob Harris
Location sound by Peter Wilford
Produced by Colin Sullivan

The Welland Valley  Vintage Traction Club           ( 2013  -   23 minutes )
We followed the Club's steam rollers, tractors and lorries from their base at Glebe Road in Market Harborough to many of the events that they travelled to during the summer months of 2013.  At Braybrooke, Hollowell, Lamport and others, they were welcomed by organisers and public alike.  We also recorded the club's successful open day at Glebe Road.
Filmed, produced, and narrated by Colin Sullivan - with additional filming by Ralph Holderness and Peter Wilford

Hallaton Bottle Kicking    ( 2012  -   27 minutes )

The film captures the atmosphere and boisterous rivalry of this unique and historic event, and with the help of local people, also reveals its history.  The film describes not just the famous contest but the parades, the hare pie, the penny loaves, the barrels (bottles) of beer and much more, which have made this a popular event for hundreds of years.

Filmed by Colin Sullivan, Ralph Holderness, Ron Harvey and David Wilford.
Narrated by Len Holden
Produced by Colin Sullivan

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee    ( 2012  -  15 minutes )
A brief record of three local Jubilee celebrations filmed at Little Bowden, Great Bowden, and Manor Walk, Market Harborough on the first weekend of June.

Filmed by Colin Sullivan, Ralph Holderness and Bob Harris.
Edited and narrated by Bob Harris.

The Market Hall Protest      ( 2012  -  6 minutes )
Harborough District Council threatened to close the covered market on Northampton Road in 2012 to lease it to a big name retailer. A petition was quickly organised by the market traders and their supporters which was signed by over 17,000 people. On 17th March 2012 a demonstration was organised against the Council's proposals.

Narrated by David Johnson
Filmed and produced by Len Holden

The Great Bowden Festival  -  2012    ( 15 minutes ) 
From pancake racing in the snow in February to carol singing in the Red Lion in December, the film covers all the events in this festival, held every four years.  The village carnival, a tug of war competition and a flower festival, all contributed to a very enjoyable year.

Filmed by Ralph Holderness and Colin Sullivan.
Narrated by Anne French
Edited by Colin Sullivan

Olympic Fever   ( 2012  -  20 minutes )
Nine cameras were employed to film the Olympic Torch Relay making its progress through Market Harborough and down the canal locks at Foxton on Monday 2nd July 2012.  The film also covers activities in the sports village on Symington's Recreation Ground later in the day.
At the end of week, the Harborough Twenty 12 Lions Club hosted an Olympic themed Sports and Fun Day in Welland Park for the children from 12 Primary schools.  

Edited and narrated by Colin Sullivan

The Blewcoats at Naseby     ( 2012  -  19 minutes )
Local stonemason, Alfred Herbert, is shown carving a monument to the Blewcoats Regiment which is installed, and then dedicated, on the field at Naseby where the regiment fought its famous last stand. The film concludes with a re-enactment of the battle by The Sealed Knot.

Filmed by Colin Sullivan - with additional filming by Bob Harris and Ralph Holderness.
Produced and narrated by Colin Sullivan.

Harborough by the Sea  -  2012    ( 7½ minutes )
Enjoyed by children and adults alike, this is an established annual summer event.  For two days, two large sandpits take over The Square, as do many children, parents and grandparents, all enjoying the chance to experience a seaside holiday, right here in Market Harborough.

Narrated by Liz Clarke
Filmed and produced by Colin Sullivan

The Duke of Edinburgh's Visit  -  1973        ( 2012  -  8¼ minutes )
Mostly cine film from our archives brought up to-date with some of the young people involved at the time recalling their experiences on the day of the visit.
Prince Philip arrived at Welland Park School by helicopter on 2nd May 1973 to inspect the displays set up by the boys and girls working on his Award Scheme.   Market Harborough Cine Society was given special permission to film the visit with four cameras.   All had to be checked by the Royal security officer.

Filmed on 8mm Kodachrome colour film by the Cine Society and transferred to digital video in 2012 by Market Harborough Movie Makers.
Interviews filmed by Colin Sullivan            Edited by Bob Harris
Narrated by Len Holden.                Produced by Peter Wilford
                            (Widescreen 16 x 9 format)

Foxton Locks  -  Past and Present        ( 2011  -   30 minutes )       
This is the story of Foxton Locks from its beginning in the late 18th century to the present day. With the help of local experts, the film tells how and why the locks and the inclined plane were built.  It shows the people who built and operated them, and tells the story of their decline, and eventual renovation to become the tourist attraction they are today.

Presented and narrated by Nick Lewis
Filmed by Colin Sullivan and Ralph Holderness
Produced and edited by Colin Sullivan        (Widescreen HD  16 x 9 format)

Town Magazine  -  2011            ( 2011 -  34 minutes )
The film records 15 events that took place in the town in 2011. 
"    The campaign to keep the Museum open.
"    St. Luke's Hospital Day Care Unit
"    'Comic Relief' effort in Welland Park
"    Road works in Abbey Street and the new water main.
"    The Easter services at The Square and St. Mary-in-Arden church.
"    Royal Wedding street parties.
"    Armed Forces Day in Welland Park including Harborough's national award winning Air Cadet Band.
"    The Drumhead Service at the War Memorial on the occasion of its 90th anniversary.
"    The Freedom March of the Royal Anglian Regiment through the town in October.
"    The Carnival parade and later in the showground.
"    The closing of the Magistrates Court in June.
"    The Octagon Cinema in the Theatre shows live performances from the National Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet.
"    Arts Fresco in Welland Park
"    The award winning Connaught Road Post Office and shop.
"    Late Night Shopping in December.

Filmed by a number of  members of the 'Movie Makers'
Edited by Colin Sullivan            (Widescreen HD  16 x 9 format)          

Prom  Night - 2011                ( 2011  -  4 minutes )
A short film of Year 11 students of the Robert Smyth Academy arriving in their smart and glamorous outfits, and in a variety of means of transport, for the annual Prom held on 1st July 2011.

Narrated by Tracey Holderness
Filmed and produced by Bob Harris               (Widescreen HD  16 x 9 format)

Gildings - Auctioneers            ( 2011  -  14 minutes )
A documentary tracing the 30 years history of this local family business which has been based at their Roman Way premises in Market Harborough since 1987.  They opened a new saleroom in Leicester in 2010 and both hold fortnightly sales, as well as a number of specialist sales.  The film covers one of the many visits by the BBC "Bargain Hunt" team, and reveals some big surprises when unusual items came up for sale.

Presented and narrated by John Gilding.
Filmed by David Wilford and Colin Sullivan
Edited by David Wilford
Directed by Peter Wilford            ( Widescreen 16 x 9 format )

The Harborough Quiz            ( 2011  -  8½ minutes )
Many features of the Town are shown in close-up for the audience to identify.
The answers are then shown visually with captions.
In this film the members of the audience are invited to chat amongst themselves !

Filmed and produced by Len Holden

Theddingworth's Robbery        ( 2011  -  8 minutes )
Theddingworth's part in the making of the feature film "Robbery" in 1967 is described for us by local men who were coerced into taking part.

Filmed by Ralph Holdernes and Colin Sullivan.  Archive cine film by Roy Rippin
Edited and narrated by Colin Sullivan        ( Widescreen 16 x 9 format )

The Lubenham Scarecrow Weekend        ( 2010  -  19½ minutes )
An award winning film which captures this well known local event.
We go behind the scenes to show the planning, preparation and the scarecrow making that went into this, the tenth anniversary of the event.
The film achieved First place, and the Editing trophy, in the annual competition organised by the Central and East Midlands region of the Film and Video Institute in March 2011.
Narrated by Trish Woods
Filmed by a team of five members of 'Movie Makers'.
Edited by Colin Sullivan                ( Widescreen 16 x 9 format )

The Brampton Valley Way        ( 2009  -  39 minutes )
A cycle ride along the old Market Harborough to Northampton railway line, now converted into a pathway shared by walkers, cyclists, and horse riders.  The film reveals the beautiful unspoilt countryside along the path as far as Lamport and introduces many people with interesting things to tell us about, both the past and present.

Presented and Narrated by Phil Baildon
Filmed by Colin Sullivan and Ralph Holderness
Edited and Produced by Colin Sullivan        ( Widescreen 16 x 9 format )

Late Night Shopping - 2009        ( 2009  -  7 minutes )
An enjoyable town event, held each year in December.
This time, it was filmed from the perspective of the judges of the "Best Window Display" and "Best Fancy Dress" competitions for the shopkeepers.

Filmed by a team of four members of 'Movie Makers'
Edited and Narrated by Colin SullivanV.34

The Harborough Canal            ( 2009  -  13 minutes )
Two hundred years from the opening of the final section of the canal from Leicester to Market Harborough, a day of celebrations took place on Saturday 10th October 2009.  
The film records the scenes at Foxton and the cavalcade of boats, including a horse-drawn barge, to the Harborough basin.   The day, which re-created the events of 1809, culminated in a celebratory lunch at the Angel Hotel  

Filmed by a team of five members of 'Movie Makers'
Edited and Narrated by Colin Sullivan

The Naseby Battlefield Trail        ( 2009  -  4½ minutes )
A quick look at the "Civil War Trail" information boards and view points that have appeared in and around the town during 2009. 

Filmed and Produced by Colin Sullivan

The Hallaton Treasure            ( 2009  -  26 minutes)
The story of how a group of local amateur archaeologists discovered Iron Age treasures of national importance, which transforms our view of not only Iron Age Leicestershire, but also the Roman Invasion of Britain.

Presented and narrated by Zara Matthews
Filmed and produced by Colin Sullivan and Len Holden

Harborough's Hardware Haven        ( 2008  -  8 minutes)
A short documentary about Frank Gilbert's shop, in the upper High Street, which in September 2008 celebrated 60 years in the Gilbert family. The film features Jim Gilbert, the present proprietor.

Introduced by Chris Sewart - Town Development Officer
Filmed by Roy Rippin            Produced by Peter Wilford

A Sapphire Celebration        (2008  -  21½ minutes )
A colourful record of Market Harborough Flower Club's 45th anniversary in 2008, culminating in a flower festival in St. Dionysius Church.

Narrated by Gina Batt
Produced by Colin Sullivan - assisted by four other members of  "Movie Makers".

It's Arts Fresco - 2007        ( 18 minutes )
Street theatre in Harborough town centre with international acts, and featuring little Emma, then not quite three years old, who stole the show from the juggling unicyclist.

Filmed by six members of 'Movie Makers'
Edited and narrated by Colin Sullivan

The Harborough Band        ( 2008  -  47 minutes )
Featuring The Band's music, this film tells the story of the band from its formation in 1897 to the present day.
Throughout the brass band world you hear of the strong family connections within each band and the Harborough Band is no exception.   From its very beginning, we see
fathers, brothers, sons, daughters, cousins and uncles, all from local families, involved with  the band.  
Today we still have local family groups in the band, making it truly local. and with recent competition successes, we now have a band that the town can be proud of.

Filmed by Colin Sullivan and Ralph Holderness 
Produced by Colin Sullivan

Tales of a Land Army Girl    ( 2008  -  33 minutes )
It is only recently that The Land Girls have begun to receive recognition for their efforts in keeping the nation supplied with food in war time. This film tells the story of one of those 'girls.'    Pat Fox, of Lubenham, served in the Women's Land Army for seven years from 1943 until it was disbanded in 1950.  Here she recalls the working conditions, the friendships she made, the social life and the humour of her experiences as a 'land girl.'

Researched, written, and narrated by Len Holden
Filmed and edited by Colin Sullivan
Original music composed and played by Dylan Richards

Harborough FM  - 102.3  -   Proud to be Local    ( 2008  -   24 minutes )
A look behind the scenes at Harborough's Community Radio Station which opened for full time broadcasting on the 10th February 2007.
The film covers the very start of HFM from the first 28 day broadcast in 1995, through to its 'Full Time' first birthday in February 2008.   Many aspects of the Station's output are shown in the film, including outside broadcasts, the enthusiasm of the volunteers, and of course, the community involvement.

Narrated by Chris Jones
Edited by Bob Harris
Written and Directed by Peter Wilford

Little Bowden Primary School - 100 years        ( 2007  -  15 minutes)
In October 2007, the school celebrated its centenary with a public exhibition. 
The film traces the history of the building and includes the recollections of past pupils and staff, together with extracts from cine film shot by a teacher in the 1960s.

Filmed by Roy Rippin        Produced by Peter Wilford

Harborough in Bloom - 2006        ( 12½ minutes )           
A look at the preparations and judging of the Town's entry for the 2006 "East Midlands in Bloom" and "Britain in Bloom" competitions.
The film features the many Harborough schoolchildren who made "Bugs and Butterflies" from recycled materials, and paraded with them in Welland Park.

Narrated by Ken Morris
Filmed by a team of  four members.
Edited by Bob Harris

Market Harborough - A Fairtrade Town    ( 2006  -  13 minutes )
On the 11th March 2006 Market Harborough officially became a "Fairtrade Town" at a ceremony held next to the Old Grammar School.
The film shows some of the entertainments and stalls, together with extracts from the speeches by producers from Chile and Uganda.  The reception held in the Council Chamber is also covered, and two shop managers describe the Fairtrade products available in the town.

Filmed and produced by a team of seven members.
Narrated by Rev. Brian Lewis  (Secretary of the Fairtrade Town Steering Group)

Arts Fresco - 2006        ( 10½ minutes )
A documentary covering the street theatre in the town on Saturday 9th September 2006.   A special day for children who prominently feature in the film with many faces to recognise.   The artists, and others taking part, provide the commentary in their own special way.

Filmed and produced by a team of five members.

Working at the Rubber        ( 2007  -  42 minutes )
A film tracing the history of The Harboro Rubber Co. from it's foundation in 1894 in
St. Mary's Road to it's relocation into new premises in 2006.
With the help of employees both past and present, it tells the story of a family firm, not only the family that founded and still owns it, but the many Harborough families that
have made up it's workforce over the years.

Narrated and presented by Anne French
Researched and written by Len Holden
Filmed and edited by Colin Sullivan
Original music composed and played by Dylan Richards

Late Night Shopping - 2006        ( 12 minutes )
An evening of fun for all ages on Friday 8th December in Market Harborough.
The film shows the people of the town and surrounding areas, enjoying the
Late Night Shopping event.  
Young children meet Father Christmas and his reindeer, children of all ages enjoy the fairground rides and pop bands, whilst adults patronise the shops and charity stalls, all soaking up the atmosphere.

Filmed and produced by a team of six members.

All Change at Market Harborough     ( 8½ minutes )
Made in 2006, the film records the reconstruction, and demolition, of shops, offices and industrial premises over the previous few years, and the building work on the new premises which replaced them.

Filmed and produced by Mike Palmer

The Junior World Gliding Championships     ( 45 minutes )
Husbands Bosworth - 2005           
"Movie Makers" were honoured to be invited to produce a documentary film of this prestigious international event, being held at the second largest gliding club in the UK.  It was 40 years since the last world gliding championships were held in Great Britain.
Although the film was primarily made for The Soaring Centre at Husbands Bosworth, we hope that the film will also inform and interest a general audience.
Sixty young pilots, up to the age of 25, came from seventeen countries to compete.
We used ten cameras to cover the two week event, which was launched by a parade of the pilots, with their national flags, in Market Harborough town centre. 

Narrated by Bob Harris

The Battle of Naseby.                ( 2006  -  55 minutes )   
A Local Event and an Historical Landmark.   
This was the most ambitious project ever undertaken by Market Harborough Movie Makers.   It took over a year to research, script, and produce, and a number of members were involved.  
Unlike the television productions on the same subject, which were made for a national audience, our film aims to tell the complete story from a local point of view.  It brings out incidents relating to the Battle in June 1645 which took place not only in Naseby, but in Market Harborough, Lubenham, Marston Trussell, East Farndon, and other nearby places.

Narrated and presented by Len Holden
Written and directed by Colin Sullivan
Original music composed and played by Dylan Richards

Harborough in Bloom - 2005        ( 19 minutes )

(Going for Gold) This is the third year we have made a film to cover the Town's entry in the 'East Midlands in Bloom' annual competition.   The volunteers who help with the planting, weeding and dead-heading, play an important part in the success of this major effort, and we have tried, in this film, to emphasise their involvement.

Filmed and produced by a team of six members
Narrated by Bob Harris

Letter to the Editor            ( 3 minutes )
Our video reply to an anonymous moaning letter sent to the Harborough Mail
early in 2006..

Pilots on Parade            ( 10½ minutes )
We were invited to film the 2005 Junior World Gliding Championships held at
The Soaring Centre, Husbands Bosworth between the 6th and 20th August.  
This film covers the parade of the 17 national teams through the town on the evening before the competition started.   ( See V.28 for the complete version )

Seven of our members filmed the colourful and prestigious event.

Harborough by the Sea        ( 3½ minutes )
A short film made by two members of 'Movie Makers' to record the children's enjoyment of a visit to a "sandy beach" at the back of the Old Grammar School in August 2005.

More Than a Bridge        ( 12 minutes )
A record of the opening of the new footbridge over the river from Welland Park to the Farndon Road recreation area by  Edward Garnier M.P. on 21st May 2005.   He also officially opened the Skate Park, and the film includes interviews with those involved with its design, construction and management.

Harborough in Bloom - 2004         (17 minutes )
This film records the planning, preparations and work involved in the floral displays throughout the town.
It is 'narrated' by those who were involved :-
Chris Etherington from Harborough District Council.
Richard Moss, the proprietor of Park Nurseries.
The East Midlands section judges, and those from the
Royal Horticultural Society who judged "Britain in Bloom".

Filmed, sound recorded, and edited by a team of five members.

Arts Fresco -  2004           (15 minutes )
A documentary covering the street theatre in the town on Saturday 11th September.
A special day for children who prominently feature in the film.  
The artists, and others taking part, provide the commentary.

Filmed and produced by five members.

The Inns and Pubs of Harborough    ( 2004  -   41 minutes )

A documentary tracing the history and locations of over 50 past and present hostelries in Market Harborough, Great Bowden, and Little Bowden.  
Completed late in 2004, it took over two years to research, write, film, edit, and sound track by a group of six members of Market Harborough Movie Makers.       
The film includes a number of previously unpublished old photographs and documents, and was first shown in public in January 2005 at the Harborough Theatre.  

Narrated by Marilyn Holderness
Written and directed by Peter Wilford

Carnival Time - 2004          (10 minutes )
A visual record of some the floats in Market Harborough's Carnival held in June 2004.   The film also includes shots of the activities on the showground.

Filmed and edited by four members of the "Movie Makers

A Postcard from Market Harborough        ( 11 minutes )
Popular views of the town.   We use this film to check the equipment before giving a show to organisations.   It is usually projected before all the lights are turned out and it also advertises our club.

Plaque unveiled by Martin Johnson     (5 minutes)
A short film recording the unveiling of the plaque in front of the Old Grammar School on 25th May 2001 by the captain of the England Rugby Football team.

The Changing Face of Market Harborough     ( 28 minutes )
A video production made in 2001 and shown for the first time at the Harborough Theatre in September of that year, and again in 2017. 
The film compares 2001 scenes in the town centre with those of the last two centuries.
It also illustrates the unfortunate rebuilding work of the 1960s when conservation was not considered as important as it is today.
A detailed narrative provides much local historical and background information.
Narrated by Marilyn Holderness

Harborough Millennium Waterways Week    (20 minutes)
A relaxed view of the activities in and around the Old Grammar School during the week 7th to 13th August 2000.
The Union Wharf was the venue for the 50th anniversary of the Inland Waterways Association National Waterways Festival.   
The film includes the unveiling of the "Man With a Plank" sundial.

French Market    (1999   -   14 minutes)
Market Traders from Le Havre arrived in the town early on the morning of Sunday 18th July 1999 to set up their stalls on The Square.
Five video cameras were used to record the event.

Christmas in Harborough - 1997    (10 minutes)
Some aspects of the Late Night Shopping evening when the streets were closed for this seasonal event.
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Market Harborough Movie Makers