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The Cottage Hospital
The Hospital that Harborough Built

This film tells the history of the town's cottage hospital from when it was opened in 1910 to the year it finally closed in 2017.
        The film was over a year in the making, with research and archive material brought alive by contributions from past hospital staff and patients.

The Welland Valley Vineyard

This film follows a year in the life of this local vineyard. We start early in the year with the pruning of the vines and follow the growing process through to the harvesting and crushing in the autumn and on finally to the bottling process.
The Cinemas Of Market Harborough

This film tells the history of Market Harborough's three 'full time' cinemas - the County - Oriental  - and Ritz - tracing them from 1901 to 1978 when the Ritz finally closed. The film also looks at what happened to the cinema buildings after they closed, and the failed project to bring a new 'mobile' cinema to the town.
The Langton Brewery

Following on from the life of a the Vineyard our latest film is of a local brewery.
We filmed the brewing process but also decided to travel to Suffolk to film the malting of the barley and to Malvern for the harvesting and processing of the hops.