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Members Films

Great Bowden Church Renovation – 2013        ( 9˝ minutes )
Although filmed in 2013, this film was not been previously shown in public until 2019.
The film records the extensive work carried out at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul to provide a new under-floor heating system.  The work involved the temporary removal of pews and the stone slab floor, and their subsequent re-installation.
Filmed and produced by Ralph and Marilyn Holderness

The Great Bowden Recital Trust Choir at Menin Gate    ( 5˝ minutes )
Made in 2013 but not shown in public until 2019.
The ceremony of sounding the ‘Last Post’ under the arch of the Menin Gate at Ypres in Belgium, takes place every night at 8 pm.  On this occasion The Great Bowden Recital Trust Choir also took part in the ceremony. 
Filmed and produced by Ralph and Marilyn Holderness

BEHIND THE TIME   (2018   -    9˝ minutes )
The film shows in detail the work carried out on the dial of the clock on St. Dionysius Church, 50 feet above the pavement, followed by sequences showing and explaining the mechanism of the 1902 clock.   It also explains the difference between the ringing of the bells, and the striking of the clock at each quarter hour.
(Since this film was made, the clock mechanism has been moved to the floor above and new electric winding equipment installed)
Narrated by John Kinchin
Filmed and produced by Peter Wilford in 1971
Transferred from Standard 8mm Kodachrome to digital video in 2015 with the original soundtrack.

Off Roading at Sibbertoft    ( 2018  -  3˝ minutes )

Filmed at Avalanche Adventures near Sibbertoft.  An exciting experience with 4 x 4 vehicles negotiating the snow, mud, and water on this demanding course.   (Subject to edit by Olly)   
Filmed and produced by Olly Quinn.

Toy Magic                        ( 1976  -  3 minutes )
A short animated and special effects film using everyday children's toys.
Filmed on Standard 8mm Kodachrome film by Peter Wilford in 1976.
Transferred to digital video in 2015
* * * * * * *

Harborough Floods - 9th March 2016            ( 3˝ minutes )
A short "Newsreel" piece shot in and around the town immediately after half a month's rainfall came in 12 hours during the night of March 8th and into following morning.
Filmed, edited and narrated by Mike Beech
* * * * * * *

The Old Grand Union Canal                ( 2015  -  21 minutes )
This film traces the building of the canal from Foxton to Norton Junction, near Daventry, travelling through Husbands Bosworth and Crick, with an arm leading to Welford.  It joins the Grand Junction Canal at Norton Junction near the M1 motorway. The film describes its commercial heyday, its subsequent decline and its revival from the 1950s as a leisure activity.
Presented by Mike Beech, Curator of the Boiler House (Foxton Canal Museum)     
Written, edited and produced by Len Holden
Sound and co-editing by David Wilford
* * * * * * *

Thomas Tresham and the Unfinished House ( 2011 – 17 minutes )

This tells the story of Thomas Tresham and the three houses he built, Rothwell Market House, The Triangular Lodge, and Lyveden New Bield. We learn of his religious beliefs and how they affected not only him, but also the fate of his son Francis.
Filmed and produced by Colin Sullivan ( Widescreen 16 x 9 format )
* * * * * * *

The Clock with One Hand ( 2009/10 - 14 minutes )

The story of the 17th century clock, with its dial set in the centre gable of Clipston Endowed School. It is believed to be one of the oldest working clocks of its type in the country.
Narrated by John Kinchin
Produced by Peter Wilford
* * * * * * *

Amsterdam in the Spring ( 2008 - 7 minutes )

Although not a local film, this was included in our 2009 Annual Film Show programme because of its special association with our film “A Sapphire Celebration” as it shows how the flowers arrive here in our shops.
Filmed and Produced by Colin Sullivan
* * * * * * *

A Remarkable Rector ( 2008 - 6 minutes )

The Reverend William Hanbury, an enthusiastic botanist, became the Rector of Church Langton in 1750. This short film tells how he set up a Charitable Trust and arranged the first performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ in Leicestershire. For this event he installed the vast Adcock organ.
Narrated by Gillian Adcock (a descendant of the organ builder’s family)
Filmed and produced by Mike Palmer

    * * * * * * *  * * * * * * *
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